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Misaligned top and bottom teeth — often called crossbite — can cause tooth decay, bone loss, jaw pain, and other symptoms that affect your dental health. To prevent damage and correct crossbite, visit Glow Orthodontics at one of their locations in Manassas, Woodbridge, or Fredericksburg, Virginia. Using methods like braces and other dental appliances, the expert team of orthodontists can realign your smile and help you avoid future complications. Call the office now or schedule an appointment to have a personalized consultation.

Crossbite Correction Q & A

What is crossbite?

In normal teeth, the top row of teeth is positioned directly over the bottom. When you bite down, the top teeth should slightly cover the outside of the bottom teeth.

In people who have a crossbite, however, there is some misalignment where the top teeth sit on the bottom teeth, either in the front or on one (or both) sides of the mouth.

Crossbite is often a problem for children or adolescents and should be corrected early on to avoid dental or orthodontic problems later on in life.

Why does crossbite need correction?

A misaligned bite can cause several problems, which may include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Premature wear on the teeth
  • Misaligned jaw development
  • Abnormal chewing patterns

A crossbite can also cause stress and strain on the jaw, which may lead to chronic tooth pain, headaches, or even shoulder and back pain. Beyond the structural and dental health issues a crossbite can cause, it can also make your smile less attractive.

How is crossbite correction achieved?

Crossbite correction is a common orthodontic treatment, and it may include different methods. Depending on a patient’s age and current dental health, the Glow Orthodontics team might recommend:

  • Palatal expander: a device that sits between the upper teeth and gently widens the upper palate; may be permanent or removable
  • Braces: to straighten and align teeth for a more healthy bite
  • Surgery: intentional breaking of the jaw bone to expand the upper palate

With the right treatment plan, it’s possible to resolve crossbite and achieve a healthier, more structurally sound smile.

What can I expect after treatment?

The process for crossbite correction can sometimes take months or years, depending on how quickly your teeth move and the original state of your bite.

After your teeth have reached an ideal place, your Glow orthodontist will probably recommend retainers to keep your bite aligned and prevent teeth from shifting.

You can maintain your results by following your orthodontist’s instructions, keeping your teeth clean, and having regular dental appointments.

To have a consultation about crossbite correction, make an appointment by calling Glow Orthodontics today.