Kristiana T.

I’ve been bringing my children here for orthodontic care and have always been pleased with their excellent professional service delivered with a comforting chair side manner. This past fall I came in with a horribly aching and popping jaw. Apparently, I am not managing my stress well and I chew too much gum. I have been grinding my teeth at night to the point where it is deteriorating and moving where it shouldn’t. Dr. Mittal advised no more gum chewing, try yoga, take ibuprofen, and get fitted for a TMJ splint. I stopped chewing gum, the ibuprofen eased it a bit, I don’t do yoga, and when I received my splint three weeks later the effects were immediate. Within a week I no longer had a throbbing jaw pain. In fact, I had no more pain at all after two weeks! I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to Dr. Mittal and Glow Ortho.

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