Oneris B.

A small referral from a wonderful & former friend of mine (aka Monkey-Pigeon) to Dr. Zaied (DDS) of Dental One Assoc’s. to Dr. Nitika Mittal & Dr. Hukmani of Glow Orthodontics in Woodbridge, VA for braces became a life-changing experience for me, forever. I will admit that when I first met Dr. Hukmani in 2011, I could not afford the procedure, but God surely blessed me with such an awesome job, and a great experienced orthodontist, Dr. Nitika Mittal, whom I put my trust and faith into that she would perform such an extraordinary job with my teeth and my daughters (who is still in the process with a few months to go). During my 24 month procedure Dr. Mittal recommended some extractions, but unexpectedly and miraculously my teeth began to slowly align themselves into position, and we did not expect it the way it did. So guess what? We did not need to pursue with any extractions, or removal of anything for that matter, and boy was that a blessing. So at the end of 24 months, finally the braces came to an end. The outcome of my teeth has been priceless and my teeth look beyond what we expected. I must say that I am humbled, and fortunate to have such fascinating doctors that really put not just the work, but the expertise and patience into making you feel that the end process will always be worth the wait. So it’s true what’s said of Dr. Nitika Mittal…”She’s passionate about orthodontics: the challenges of straightening teeth, correcting jaw alignment, and helping people develop the confidence and self-esteem that come with having a great smile.” She definitely made me a believer and I am forever grateful. A tremendous (((THANK YOU!!!))) to Dr. Mittal, Dr. Hukmani, Leah, Angie, April, Jaime and the whole Glow Ortho team for your expertise and amazing service. I’ll be referring all 50 states to Glow Orthodontics in Woodbridge, Va. LOL! Love you all! -OB

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