What Alignment Issues Invisalign® Can and Can’t Fix

Invisalign® aligners truly are invisible (no one will see them unless they’re really close to your face). They’re also comfortable and customized for your teeth. Though you can beautify your smile in such a discreet fashion, don’t let that fool you into thinking Invisalign can’t perform. Invisalign can fix nearly all the same issues as traditional braces and often in less time.

Whether you’re a teen or you need adult orthodontics, people of all ages come to Glow Orthodontics hoping they qualify for Invisalign. Although everyone is different and complex problems may demand a different option, Invisalign is a perfect match for most of our patients.

Count on Invisalign to fix these alignment problems

These are common tooth alignment problems that can all be repaired with Invisalign:

Crowded teeth

When you have crowded teeth, your teeth may overlap, become twisted, or get pushed in front or behind neighboring teeth. Sometimes crowded teeth just look like they’re all bunched up together rather than evenly spaced along your jaw.

Crowded teeth lead to dental problems because they’re hard to clean. You can’t easily reach all the surfaces with a brush, and it’s hard to slide floss between some crowded teeth. Then bacteria and plaque accumulate, and you’re on the road to decay and gum disease.

Overbite and Underbite

An overbite occurs when your upper front teeth overlap your lower front teeth. If you’re like most people, you have a slight overbite. When the overbite is more pronounced, it affects your appearance and your dental health, potentially causing uneven wear on your teeth or pain in your jaw.

An underbite is the opposite problem. You have an underbite when your lower front teeth fall in front of your upper teeth. An underbite affects your ability to properly chew food or to speak clearly.


You have a crossbite when you close your mouth and some of your upper teeth fall in front of your lower teeth, while other upper teeth are behind your lower teeth. A crossbite may involve one misaligned tooth or multiple teeth. In addition to causing tooth damage, a crossbite often leads to a receding gum line and other gum problems.

Gaps in your teeth

Extra space between teeth doesn’t just affect your smile; it’s also easy for food to get stuck in the gap and cause decay. Invisalign can repair most gaps, but within limits. If the gap is too large, we may need to recommend other options.

Open bite

When you close your mouth and your upper and lower teeth don’t meet, you have an open bite. In many cases, this occurs because your upper and lower teeth are slanted outward, making your teeth look like they’re sticking out. An open bite often develops when children, or adults, frequently place an item between their teeth such as a pacifier or a pencil.

Like other alignment problems, an open bite affects your appearance. It can also cause a lisp, interfere with biting and chewing, and eventually lead to cracked back teeth.

Orthodontic problems Invisalign can’t fix

Though Invisalign is an excellent way to fix most alignment problems, you may have a more complex orthodontic problem than these clear aligners can repair. You may need to skip Invisalign and opt for other orthodontic options when you have any of these issues:

Unusual tooth shape

If your teeth are too short or pegged, Invisalign aligners may not be able to get the fit they need to move those teeth into a new position.

Need significant tooth movement

We evaluate every individual tooth to determine the extent to which it must be moved to get it into its proper position. If you have teeth requiring significant movement, especially if they must be dramatically rotated, Invisalign may not be the best choice.

Extra-large gaps

As we said above, there are limits to the size of a gap that Invisalign can fix. If you have very large spaces or multiple gaps, we may recommend a different type of braces.

If you’re ready to improve your smile, we’re here to help with Invisalign. Call Glow Orthodontics, or send us a message online.


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